Compass Communications, LLC

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Compass Communications, LLC (Compass) is a full-service communications firm specializing in comprehensive strategies for internal and external communication, including planning, training, issue management and crisis communications. Simply put, Compass helps ensure organizations are positioned to have their message heard and are fully prepared to respond to and successfully overcome any emergency or challenge.

Compass works with organizations to identify their specific needs, formulate a plan, monitor effectiveness, and adapt as needed to achieve their goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you shape policy, and positively impact public and customer perceptions by identifying and fulfilling your planning, training and outreach needs.

A vital component of organizational success is effective internal and external information management. With this in mind, Compass designed AcuityInfo – a revolutionary information and resource management system providing users an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to numerous niche products. This secure web-based system manages and preserves your organization’s information, including media relations, intergovernmental affairs, freedom of information requests, correspondence, calendars, contacts, events, projects, and key documents and resources.

The 4 W’s and H about AcuityInfo

What: Incredibly powerful, scalable, enterprise-wide software that links all activities with the supporting documentation.

When: With just a few hours we can have you up and running.

Where: AcuityInfo is a secure web-based system, making information on all of your organization’s activities easily accessible, anytime, anywhere with Internet access.

Why: AcuityInfo is all-hazards software that will increase efficiency and effectiveness, improve customer service, reduce waste, and save you money.

How: By linking all of your activities with supporting documentation; sharing activities with appropriate staff; and taking control of your information and activities with dynamic reporting and information distribution tools.

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